Viewers Respond to Burkinabè Bounty

Burkinabé Rising
Photo credit: Iara Lee


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We have been honored to receive feedback and comments from audience members who have viewed Burkinabè Bounty. If you have watched the film, we invite you to send us your thoughts and keep the discussion going! We can be reached by email at

Marie V., Belgium We loved it! It was very inspiring. So much positive energy. It’s nice to have the artists' points of view.

Jean-Marie K., Burkina Faso All the thanks and gratitude of myself and the entire Slow Food Burkina Faso network for the excellent work done at your own expense to produce this high-end film for our network, our country, Slow Food International, and all those who are engaged in the resistance for the defense of agroecology, production, and local consumption and biodiversity. Thank you very much for everything and good luck to you in your noble work. Thanks again.

Richard M., United States The film was beautiful. Loved how you wove the culture, music, and dance into this film grounded in agriculture and self-reliance.

Kathryn L., United States I could not understand the French or Italian and still thought the film brilliant! Visually beautiful from beginning to end and the soundtrack was awesome! The film was amazing! You should do a soundtrack album—the music was amazing as well!

Anahit P., Armenia I'm still amazed with your work. I was not able to say it yesterday, but I want to say that the people that were in the movie were amazing. They were so beautiful in the way they are and what they do and love. Thank you once again for an unforgettable day!!

Orazio C. Thank you, Iara, for doing what you are doing. I loved your documentary. Earth is honest with us—we must be the same with her.